Sunday, 20 September 2009

Bling - The 'Christofann' wedding weighs in at 151.59 carats!

We seldom do celebrity goss – but we could not resist this little preview of the 'Christofann' wedding – at least that’s what we are calling it!

Media darlings, Fann Wong and Christopher Lee, both approaching their fabulicious forties will formally celebrate their nuptials on the 29th of September at The Shangrila. 

The couple were married earlier this year on 16 May in a civil ceremony.  (pictures courtesy of 
Channel News Asia online and 

Check out Christopher Lee's outfit and his 'I purposely did not shave for 3 days nor did I comb my hair' look. Ok so its perhaps not quite what I expected of the usually dapper groom. 

Not too sure what gauzy thing Fann has on either but hey this was clearly their own event so I will zippp..ppp it on any comments about personal style. 

The 29th Sep event promises 700 guests and a hosts of sponsors and has been billed as  Singapore’s most anticipated celebrity wedding

We hear that the blushing bride will have 3 dress changes (1 Vera Wang wedding gown and 2 evening gowns) with jewelry sponsors Celestial® by Goldheart supplying 3 different sets of custom designed bling for each outfit. 

Total bling power on display for the bride? Precisely 151.59 carats at a total value of S$3,008,378.

Wedding gown jewellery set number 1: STARBLISS featuring 1,167 celestial diamonds set in white gold totalling 63.33 carats. Exact value - S$1,960,520

Jewellery to accompany her first gown: ROMANTIQUE featuring 1,191 celestial diamonds set in champagne gold, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold totalling 44.34 carats. Exact value: S$692,982.

Jewellery to accompany her second gown: LOVELACE featuring 1300 celestial diamonds set in champagne gold totalling 43.92 carats. Exact value: S$354,876.

The groom will also get his share of bling. Ermenegildo Zegna is sponsoring his togs whilst Celestial® by Goldheart has sponsored his ring and his ear stud!

Now if I was Fann, my question would be whether I get to keep the loot? 

Fans of the nuptials can tune in to a 3 part series leading up to the wedding. The first two episodes which will be aired on September 17 and 24 and will feature interviews and wedding preparations by the couple, including betrothal gift shopping and the distribution of wedding invitations, also highlights of the couple's hen and stag parties. The actual banquet will be filmed and aired live on Channel 8 on the 29th of September from 8pm.

Congrats Christofann!!! We wish you both many Fabulicious Forevers together!

- Elaine


Anonymous said...

Fann Wong is very good looking and she has a great figure, but she always want to do something untraditional, against all odds, that honestly make her less classy. With all those lovely jewellery, why not a Vera Wang long Wedding Dress which is glamourous and classy.

Sorry, Fann, I am one of your fan, but this wedding dress, I will give a thumb down for you, but your arm candy is 2 thumbs up for you!! Well done, girl!!

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