Thursday, 17 September 2009

Beauty - Converted, Purified & Saved….from Shine

Sweeties! Let me share the joy! We have discovered the antidote to sebumated shine, and on a healthy budget too.
Next time you’re at your friendly neighbourhood Watsons, keep your eyes peeled for Skinvitals Purify range. (It’s the one with the green and white packaging.)

Let’s just say that I tested the range’s Detoxifying Foaming Cleanser ($19.90) only once, and was so impressed, I set out to buy the entire range the moment they hit the store!

The cleanser, with tea tree oil, cucumber extract, peppermint and orange, is absolutely refreshing with its zingy, minty, uplifting smells and tissue-light texture. After using it, you feel every pore is flushed out and slightly tingly, but without that tight, pulled, squeaky feeling.
The other product that I absolutely love is the Everyday Mattifying Lotion ($36.90), I don’t really like the smell, but the lotion really kills the shine the moment you slap it on. Immediately! Instant gratification! Right now! Not only does it look matte, it feels matte too. The super ingredient here is phlorogine which claims to reduce sebum flow by 74% in seven days. There’s also tea tree oil to combat breakouts, aloe vera for conditioning and grapefruit for sloughing away dead cells.

Speaking of sloughing, I also like the Pore Perfection Micro Scrub ($20.90) because it gives a pretty rough scrub. Sometimes, those ‘gentle scrubs’ are so mild, I am sure it does very little, and leaves me most unsatiated.

Formulated mainly for oily skin, this cosmeceutical range from Australia – by Lynne Meaney (who also started the Red Earth) – ‘balances blemishes while minimizing wrinkles’….Sounds perfect for gently mature ladies like Madam. Ingredients are all-natural, too.

Since getting all immersed in this new brand, I have also ventured to try their cloth treatment masks. I highly recommend the C-Brighten mask (orange packaging). No need to apply a messy cream mask, you just whip out the cloth, unfold it and lay it on. The mask is literally sopping with the good ingredients. I just lie there in the air-conditioned room, inhale its fabulous scent and wait for blessings of beauty to descend on my pores. Ginger, rosehip, collagen, vitamin C and wine. Ooohh……So divine you glow!

So Sebum Sisters, there's reason to rejoice and look towards Salvation from Shine!


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