Sunday, 13 September 2009

Bling - Brr-rr-ing on the Bling!

You are having tea and all the latest iphones are out on the table. Which one is yours? Why the one with the Simply Fabulicious bling, of course!

Introducing our latest Fabulicious find! Bling for your brr-rr-ing!

In Hong Kong, I found these gor-ge-licious bling stickers that allow me to change the look of my handphone every week, if I so fancy and according to my mood. Frivolous? Who cares? Fun!!

Whether you have a 3G or 2G, first or second generation, Hong Kong's temple of trend - Mongkok Chong Sum or Argyle Centre sells these babies at a mere HK$20 for each bling sticker! Cutsey or with attitude - you decide!

The shop sells bling stickers for you to dress almost any phone in the market and stickers for your daughter's DS lite, calculator, camera etc if you so plan to indulge her!

Love these!! Could not resist getting them for myself!
The joy does not end there as I also found a Japanese website where you can order or customised your gadgets with a new art and craft technique and hobby that the Japanese are calling "deco-den"

This is the "Princess kit"- mirror, comb, crown, jewelled heart and rosette that glues onto your phone or onto virtually on any surface. Think your new Macbook Pro - ok so thats a bit much! But then again they also have rhinestone initials that you can deco-den? Sold?

Check out:

- Elaine


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