Friday, 4 September 2009

Breaking News! - Don't Miss Carrie K's Italian Bling & Sangria Afternoon Tomorrow!

Luscious candy for the girls! Jewelry designer Carrie K has just launched her latest collection of gorgeous silver pieces with beads and gemstones, done in collaboration with a leathersmith from Florence, Italy. Coming in 15 colours, her new collection are slick and stylish, some edgy, some naughty and all super fabulicious! Elaine and I just adore the way Carrie is showcasing her jewelry: it’s an open house tomorrow afternoon at her home in Opera Estate. Get ready for lots of blingful temptation and potent sangria to wash it down! Pop down and take a look this Saturday – that’s TOMORROW!
Saturday, 5th September 2009
2pm to 7pm
52 Norma Terrace
(Friends and pets welcome)


khaled said...

Hello, I enjoy reading SF, especially the highlights on restaurants and I think it's a great read for women. But since you also have a following from us Martians, what about having a column for men? Say products for men, watches, clothes etc. I think it'll be fun!

The SimplyFab Team said...

Thanks for your feedback, Khaled! Yes, we Venusians will definitely look into posting some stories relevant to the 'Martians' too. It would be fun!

The Simply Fab Team on 25 September 2009 at 11:33 said...

Thanks for your thoughts, Khaled. We Venusians will certainly take up your idea and post some stories and news relevant to you guys out there. It would be fun. Thanks for reading!

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