Saturday, 19 September 2009

By The Way - Slick Chick Goodie Bags For The 'Big 1-0'

Moi was recently on the hunt for goodie bag stuffers for the daughter’s birthday party. Reaching her big 1-0, you see, and Elaine had put it into my head that kids that age would rather be dealing with funky junk than cute and sweet. I knew at once there was great wisdom in that.

So the initial plan was to put together a ‘Diva Kit’ for 8 screaming, pool-loving, lollipop-eating, Primary school-going funky slick chicks.

First stop, Daiso. Who loves Daiso, hands up!! From my sweetie of an art director to my constantly be-blinged girlfriend, Daiso is a crowd pleaser, a social leveler, and mecca for all things needful and needless….Let’s get this down on record – Daiso is King! Here’s what I found in the hallowed halls.

Super wide, 60’s retro mock croc hair bands including a particularly divine white one that just screams for a matching set of knee-high go-go boots, and a more sedate black one that is just totally Audrey Hepburn….

Coloured ones that are sooo ‘drive-in-movies and milk shake retro’!

And got these over-the-top notepads bursting with bling especially in the sun. Man, I need shades….!

Then on to ‘Chamelon’ in Parkway Parade, my favourite suburban hunting ground. I have learnt over the years that there are many inspired finds in such ‘Lian’ hangouts if you care to search and rifle through. (I always figured they meant to call it 'Chameleon', but with the missing 'e', one then doesn’t pronounce the ‘ch’ as ‘k, and being the language purist, I call it how it is spelt – ‘Cha-mee-lon’…..encapsulating the full force of its ‘lian-ness’.)

I spent an hour here digging for gold, and emerged triumphant. A whole pile of cool bracelets small enough for little wrists and perfect for chickadees chilling in the jacuzzi…..

And best of all, these gorgeous floral rings in metal – pretty but edgy…

and I couldn’t resist this cheap repro of the starburst ring design you see everywhere these days. No more than $3 a pop.

Wrapping it all up, I found these cool, reusable bags at Bedok’s SKP Store – only $1 each. (Considering some paper gift bags cost more than that, this is a steal.)

To tie it all up, I made these whimisical  gift tags using pretty incredible free clip art from Microsoft, and gave myself a pat on the back for a job that wasn't, I think, half bad for a ham-fisted amateur.
-- Ee Waun


Rae said...

Now... I want one goodie bag too! :)

The Simply Fab Team on 30 September 2009 at 23:12 said...

Hi Rae - thanks! they were all snapped up so maybe we should do up a goodie bag for us big girls too! that’s fodder for another story! XX

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