Wednesday, 5 May 2010

BTW - SATC 2 Movie Poster is the next cover for MAD Magazine!

Whether I win tickets or get invited to the movie preview (hint!), I will still catch our favourite angsty Manhatten babes on a movie date with my BFFs. 
But take a good, close look at the poster. Am surprised that the Producers of the movie let it fly. The movie poster almost looks like a parody from MAD magazine and I can actually imagine Alfred E. Neuman's face superimposed over Carrie's when that cover appears. All bets are on between my husband (MAD mag fan) and me that it will be the next Mad Mag cover come May 26 when the movie premiers in New York.  

Trawling the net, I found a hilarious commentary from the Guardian in UK which I am sharing about the hilarious airbrush efforts ... note no wrinkles (and they are all past 40), all noticeably skinnier, Kim Cattral looks like Sharon Stone and why does Sarah Jessica Parker look possesed? 

... read on (below - click image to expand) or go to link:

- Elaine


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