Saturday, 15 May 2010

By the Way – Theatre Treat for Auntie

Now that you’ve bought her the Bonia, give her a reason to show it off on an evening out at the theatre. Come 28 and 29 May, Toy Factory Productions Ltd presents Maha Moggallana – A Story of Filial Piety. This is bound to tickle her traditional toes and make her nag at her sons and grandkids to be filial!
A musical extravaganza by award-winning Singaporean playwright and director Goh Boon Teck, it is held in celebration of Vesak Day and is based on the Buddhist fable about the upright and pious monk Maha Moggallana and his journey of emotional discovery, redemption and enlightenment. The Mandarin musical (with English and Mandarin subtitles) features 100 performers including Emma Yong, Darius Tan, spectacular costumes by renowned Bangkok designers Tube Gallery and stunning sets ]that include a gigantic Buddha’s palm. With original music and choreography, the musical promises a “a refreshed and energetic interpretation of a famous legend that promises entertainment on a grand scale”.

Quick, get some tix and pack her off with her mahjong friends! She'll love you for life.
28 & 29 May
Singapore Expo Hall 2
Tickets : S$30, S$40 and S$50 from SISTIC at


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