Thursday, 13 May 2010

Buys - Treats for Soccer Widows

So, while the guys guzzle beer and watch their football, where does that leave us sweeties? Still with the school run, the kids and our day jobs, and possibly less help. That calls for a well deserved treat, and I have the perfect thing – a fun, easily ‘doable’ Casio Sheen.
Honestly, I haven’t taken a good look at this brand since school days when everyone poked around school with Casio watches, so Auntie here was quite fascinated by how much things have changed. What’s this ‘Sheen’ range? Recently launched by Casio, the new range of Casio Sheen are really rather pretty fashion watches that aren’t the least tacky – whimsical, cute, bold and just a little sophistication so people who are way past their teens and twenties can still wear them casually without looking like we’re trying too hard, if you know what I mean. And unlike the Franck Muller’s, Rolexes and Patek Philippe’s etc which are seriously desirable, these less up-market ones are so affordable you can get one in every colour….just for fun.
The Sheen 5010L is an elegant chronograph with big, faceted glass face and rhinestone (not diamonds, dear…) hour markers and comes in three colours: red face with red leather strap, white face with white leather strap (SHN-5011L) and white face with stainless steel strap (SHN-5010D) – my favourite. (S$164 - S$170)
I also like the the Sheen 5013 model, no facets but also a big faced chronograph ringed with cute rhinestones. It’s only available from June onwards, at $170. Other models under this range includes: SHN-5012LP (S$196) and SHN-5012D (S$159).

- EW


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