Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Buys - Quirky but Useful Fathers' Day Gifts

Quirky but useful gift ideas that we have received for Fathers Day (20 June). Have a look at our picks ....

RAINBOW CLOCK - no more fumbling in the night for glasses to scrutinise the time as this clock from Oregon Scientific at HK$898 has a sharp amber digital display against a black screen that enables him to read the time clearly from a distance. There is an outdoor temperature display for those who live in a seasonal climate and the clock creates mood lighting in the bedroom at night via a light that runs in loops just like having a vivid rainbow in the bedroom or it can also be set to a still mode. If he likes to go to bed with music in the background, the clock connects to the iPod and most Mp3 players. In the morning, he can opt for the radio alarm to wake him or a selection of 8 sounds from nature - the sound of the breeze, ocean waves, bird chirpings, rustling trees etc. See: http://hk.oregonscientific.com/eng/cat-Time-and-Weather-sub-Designer-Clocks-prod-Rainbow-Clock-.html

NIKE + iPOD SPORTS KIT - your man likes to run or walk or gym. Whatever it is, his iPod and Nikes can now team up allowing him to literally see the minutes tick by, watch the miles unfold and hear real-time voice feedback. All to his favorite music — including his power song - the one song that always gets him through the home stretch. Nike+ iPod Sport Kit only S$55 at www.apple.com/sg/ipodnano

HOGAN Tees - I recently read a book on colour therapy that says that colour has an influence on how you are perceived. Red for passionate, Blue for calm and collected, White for purity and trustworthiness and the list goes on. Colour code his day with these newly launched Summer tees from Hogan. See: www.hoganworld.com

And our unrivaled favourite is definitely this one: The TODS MAN BAG. -  this definitely takes a certain kind of guy to carry off this bag as part of his wardrobe no matter how metrosexually inclined he is. This lightweight calf leather hand carry in canary yellow makes a bold and 'ballsy' statement for the man who dares! See: www.tods.com

- Elaine


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Loove the man bag! Gotta get my guy one of these!

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