Wednesday, 26 May 2010

This Weekend - Land Sakes! Sweet Angels of Charity!

Look what landed on our laps! The Angel of Charity?

Maaan…we wish! (Stop peeping up the loin cloth, darling! We KNOW you did!)

No, it’s pictures of the Manhunt contestants who pottered about Orchard Road last week, bare-chested and selling dinky little Ben & Jerry's ice cream for charity in the sweltering h-h-h-h-hot afternoon sun. So sweeeeet!

The ice cream they offered went for $5 a pop, but we hear many enthusiastic customers forked out twice the amount for the pleasure of buying from these hunky-duhnks. The deed was done to raise funds for the Boys Town new dorms, to replace the current grounds that have been around for the past 62 years. While the cream isn’t going to dent much of the $15 million target required, at least it gave a little eye candy to passers by that day. If you, like us, missed the action on Orchard Road that day, have a sweet peek of these young’uns. (You know what I learnt from these pictures? Always dress properly, cos you never know who you might bump into! No more baggy bermudas and muffin tops, please!)

And if you’re in Orchard Road this Saturday (5 June) and it’s not too much of a detour for the trusty old orthopedic shoes, the Manhunt Finals will be held at The Heeren from 4-6 pm. Twenty of these pretty boys will be posing (ewwww!) their way to titles like Mystique Most Promising Male Model, Corona Beer Most Sexiest Hunk (grammar situation here!), Ripcurl Surfer Dude Award (honestly, how many of these chaps can even stand on a surfboard at sea????) and the grand title of Manhunt Singapore 2010.

Hey…just ‘cos we’re married with kids doesn’t mean we’re totally blind, ya know! As a friend had said, "You can peruse the menu, dear, just make sure you eat at home!"


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