Friday, 22 October 2010

Binge - For Barista 'wanna-bees', the Lattissima is a 'must-buy'!

In search of a coffee machine? There has never been a better time then now to get the ultimate all-in-one. Nespresso has just launched their new "Lattissima" a state-of-the-art machine that promises to hone the "home barista" in you. In short, you can run your own professional cafe at home, well almost, with the right ingredients and Nespresso capsules, of course! 

SimplyFab was invited for a recent private preview at the brand's swanky IFC boutique. At the same time, the lovely "coffee ladies" there brewed me a cup of their latest flavour, a limited edition blend called 'kazaar' and showed me how to brew a special recipe with it which I will share in a later post. 

Just on first impressions, the Latissima is no where as sexy looking as the Platinum Cube (I am a proud owner). However after I was properly introduced, I have to say that quite honestly, one classy lady to another (LOL) that I was suitably impressed! 

This is by far, the simplest fuss-free coffee machine to operate, clean and use. Everything is as you see, from cup warmer to milk frother is detachable and all fitted into one space-saving square box stand! 

The main difference (for me) between this machine and all the other brands that I have come across is in the four buttons on the machine body meant for you to select the type of coffee you want to enjoy - Lungo, Cappuccino, Macchiato, Espresso. 

The Platinum Cube only allows you to dispense coffee capsules and you use the accompanying Aerocino (milk frother) sold separately to determine the kind of coffee you want as after all the difference between a cappucino and a latte is basically in the amount of milk used. 

There are two additional buttons, one for water and one for milk and the Latissima controls the milk flow for you a the touch of a button so that if you want a gourmet coffee, you don't have to think too hard about how much milk to add to get what you want. Press 'capuccino' and just the right amount of milk gets dispensed and frothed into your cup. If you want it black, omit the milk. 

I liked the 'Water' button which allows you just dispense hot water throughout the various parts of the machine for self cleaning or you can get creative, put a teabag into a tea cup and use it to make a cuppa. In the Winter, warm up your cups on the flat top of the machine - now that is what I call using up all the sum of its parts!  PS. the machine comes in creamy white (seen here at HK$4,688), mysterious black (HK$4,988) and premium silver (HK$6,688)to match that dream counter top!  Now don't you want one already?

Available at Nespresso boutiques at The Elements Mall at Kowloon Station (2nd level, shop #2096) and IFC Mall in Central (Shop 1021, Podium Level One). 

- Elaine


Job Descriptions on 22 October 2010 at 15:03 said...

Simple superb work from Nespresso! it really looks perfect for my home! My wife would really be happy to have this as gift, this Christmas. Thanks for providing me a great coffee machine. I have bookmarked this site!

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The Simply Fab Team on 22 October 2010 at 21:40 said...

Thanks! We completely agree and will be posting some delicious recipes soon so look out for them!

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