Saturday, 2 October 2010

Buys - Heavenly Scents

I have a box of fragrance oils in my study room which I would like to use whenever I am working – citrus to wake me up in the morning, ocean mist when I’m feeling dreamy, frangipani for a Bali resort feel when I am writing a travel story. No, I won’t have curry and sambal fragrances when I write my food stories…those emanate from my neighbour’s kitchen which is just outside my room window. I say ‘would like to use’ because I have left all my tealights downstairs, and by the time I am tapping away furiously at the computer, I hardly want to break my train of thought and potter down to fetch candle and matchstick. So these silly oils sit month after month, holding all my hopes and intentions of olfactory bliss which I rob myself needlessly. So today, as I write, I commit the same silliness….and it’s about more customized smells….

Pure Tincture, a mini spa and wellness shop at Raffles Place, has recently introduced earth friendly and guilt-free Soap and Paper Factory room diffusers ($70). Handcrafted in New York, everything about these diffusers is green – all packaging is recycled and is biodegradable and the Italian glass bottles which hold the fragrance can be reused. It is not tested on animals, and contains neither petroleum, parabens nor phthalates. Pretty little arrangements, these nature-loving sweeties come in Verbena, Lavender and Green Tea aromas, and claims to last 6 months.

1 Raffles Place
#04-22B OUB Centre
Tel: 6533 1723
or buy online at

But ‘sweet’ is not for everybody….I don’t think I was ever sweet since I was five years old, and even then, it’s debatable. I love these candles by TWG – yes, the swanky the tea people with the creamy yellow tea caddies. They recently gave us a preview of scented candles they will be launching later in the year. 1837 Black is a heady, warming scent of vanilla, musk, spices and black tea, weaved into a thick, enigmatical black candle for the Christmas season. My favourite is Miraculous Mandarin, seductively red and scented with frankincense, a subtle sweetness and overall, very alluring and mysterious…..if you want to turn your bedroom into a boudoir, this is all you need…..How nice for the festivities!

9 Raffles Place
Republic Plaza #01-22
Tel: 65381837
-Ee Waun


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