Friday, 15 October 2010

Binge - Get Ruffled and Truffled!

Can you smell it? The distinct scent of wild garlic with earthy undertones in the air?

Yes, Truffles are back in season at US$2,000 a pound or more at auction and the big boys in the restaurant business in Hong Kong have their stash all ready for the tables. 

It is essential not to cook this delicacy, but only to use it raw, shaved or grated onto a hot dish. So, get ruffled, hot under the collar and follow your nose to:

WHISK on the 5F of The Mira Hong Kong in Tsim Sha Tsui where Singapore's Chef Justin Quek is back for a five-day stint from 13th to 17th October to unveil the Alba White Truffle having just returned from Piedmont, Italy from his annual pilgrimage to hunt down this delicacy. 

Try the Maine Lobster Salad Vinaigrette; Egg Royale with Goose Foie Gras and White Truffle Shavings; Tagliatelle in White Truffle Cream with White truffle Shavings; Pan-roasted Beef Rib Eye, Autumn Vegetables and Natural Jus; White Truffle Ice Cream, Praline, Caramel Roasted Nuts; Coffee, Tea and Petits Fours for HK$1380 +10% service charge, with additional shavings for the true truffle aficionado, at HK$60 per gram. Reservations at: (852) 2368 1111.

H one, at Shop 4008, Podium 4 at IFC Mall in Central also boasts a stash of white truffles from Alba. From now till 30 November, try their starters including the Beef Carpaccio with Celery Heart, Shavings of Parmesan Cheese with White Truffle (3gms - HK$498, 5gms -HK$658), Cream of St.Georges Mushrooms, 62 C Bio Egg, Burrata Cheese, Herbs Infused Oil and white Truffle (2gms-HK$298), Bruschetta with Soft Scrambled Free Range Eggs and White Truffle (3gms - HK$ 418). The creamy egg yolks from the Maran eggs complement well with the soft white truffle and the quail eggs on top bring in extra smoothness to this delicately prepared white truffle starter. For mains, go with the Vialone Nano creamy Risotto with Parmesan Cheese, Meat Juice and White Truffle of Alba (3gms - HK$ 588, 5gms - HK$ 788), Homemade Ravioli filled with Potato, Mascarpone and Egg Yolk with White Truffle (3gms - HK$ 588, 5gms - HK$ 788) or the "Tajarin" from Piemonte with Occelli Butter and White Truffle (3gms-HK$588, 5gms-HK$788). 
Have you had Truffle Ice cream - apparently it tastes and smells heavenly! Reservations at: (852) 2805 0638.

Domani at Level 4, Pacific Place, Admiralty serves up in October, a Risotto allo Zafferano con Crudité di Scampi- a saffron risotto with raw scampi (HK$160), Quail breast stuffed with stewed prunes 24 month aged parmigiano reggiano fondue, maderia sauce and honey (HK$240) and also a white truffle cream and honey duck egg (HK$100) for dessert. Reservations at (852) 2111 1197.

St George's at Hullet House in Tsim Sha Tsui serves up nine spectacular Alba white truffle dishes from 25th October to the end of November. Michelin-star Executive Chef Philippe Orrico has segmented the menu into four styles - 'Traditional', 'Classical', 'Creative' and 'Modern'. In the "Traditional" section, try Risotto Carnoroli with Alba White Truffle, the dish of choice for Italian wedding banquets. In the 'Classical' try the Veal Banquette, Pearl Onion and Alba White Truffle. In the 'Creative' section, try the Roasted Scallops, Risotto Rice Cream with garlic and Parmesan, Apple with Cinnamon and Squid with Alba White Truffle and in the 'Modern' section, get a bite of his mouth-watering dessert, White Chocolate Feuillantine and White Truffle Ice Cream. All Alba White Truffle dishes start from HK$368, plus 10% service charge. Reservations: (852) 3988 0000.

- Elaine


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