Monday, 25 October 2010

Buys - What's blowing into your wardrobe this Fall? Part 2

I particularly love Juicy Couture during the Winter as the brand manages to to add that right amount of attitude and colour to brighten what would otherwise look like a drab black season. I used to think this was a brand for skinny, young girls but I think with the right pairings, any one can carry the looks below with style and ease. 
I like this look - casual, clean and chic rather than sloppy. I am inspired to look less like I tumbled out of bed and more like I made the effort to co-ordinate. Rushing out to buy this camel coat this weekend!

And if I really have to wear sweat pants, I promise to liven the look with a hint of colour! Love those ear muffs - this season's MUST buy! 

It will take me some courage to wear that headband but that seems to be the look this year. Love the bag and the jeans jacket. Totally inspired now to be less jaded and more juicy!!

- Elaine


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