Thursday, 7 October 2010

Buys - Get Hooked On These!

I found the cutest most fabulicious little thing whilst shopping in Hong Kong with a visiting friend this week. Guess what this is? 

Clue: They neatly unfold and fold back into a circlet and serve the most amazing function, just for us girls. 

No idea? Well, here are some more awesome designs that I found (below). 

In the wrong hands they could become dreadful Aunty accessories. In the right hands, they could be the next funky new logo-ed accessory that every brand could literally manufacture.

My personal favourite was the one with the girls' face. At certain angles, her big anime angel eyes open wide staring out at you and at others, she bats her eyelids shut. Totally fabulicious, by my books!

You've heard of the handbag chair, now we introduce to you the new handbag hook! Love it? Tell them, you saw it HERE, first! 

- Elaine 


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