Thursday, 5 February 2009

Bah Humbug! - A Different Take on Valentines Day

From my last post, I am admittedly no great fan of VD day. If you really love someone, you don’t need to wait for some fancy date to break out into expressions of ‘lurve’. Then again, I’ve come to the opinion – through age and experience – that too much lovey-doveyness can be a little OTT. It’s something which girls in their 20s may like, but at the lusciously ripe age of 41 – and yes I have just in the last 24 hours tumbled one more year into the 40s – a good sized diamond speaks poetically and loudly enough, thank you (don’t even need to be gift wrapped).

But if a diamond is not in the pipeline, what would I really like? Well, I could do with a grand and guiltless indulgence like this box of chocolates (see the picture – quite a treat isn’t it?) and eat all 80 pieces of it with a bottle of some fortified Spanish wine. And if the world is an ideal place, it wouldn’t go straight to my girth – the natural thickening of the torso being an expected outcome of increasing maturity. The Ritz Carlton’s Gourmet Chocolate Box is chock-full of Champagne-filled truffles, French Griotte cherry in brandy or premium cognac worked into ganache, dark truffles, milk truffles or white truffles tinged with vanilla.....I’d happily settle for that.

Then again, VD day is not all lost. While I won’t celebrate it myself, it could be a nice opportunity to give the parents a treat to remind them you love them, or to send them off on a bit of a date of their own. It’ll have to be pretty civilised and polite, of course – elegant, air-conditioned, no loud pumping music, easy access, etc. Here’s what I would try out:

First choice would be to send or bring them for lunch at The Greenhouse at the Ritz Carlton. Why that hotel again? Because they give senior citizens above 60 years old a “50 percent privilege” (I’d read that as a 50% discount) for the Saturday lunch buffet (12pm – 2.30pm). The spread’s mainly Asian with sushi and sashimi, Vietnamese prawns, steamed sea bass Hong Kong style, vegetable korma, braised aromatic duckling, etc. It’s a pretty good deal any way you see it, and since it’s available only until April 25, I’d jump onto the opportunity before it runs out. Prices are at S$48 per adult (before discount for seniors) and $24 per child (six to 12 years old).

Available at:
The Greenhouse
Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore
7 Raffles Avenue
Tel: 6434 5288

Here’s a nice take on a weekend stay at a hotel. You can literally take the bed home with you after your stay...and come to think of it, it’d suit the old folks pretty well since Dad probably appreciates a good nap these days. I’m talking about the Four Seasons Singapore’s Suite Dreams Package, one of the quirkiest I’ve ever seen. For $3,888 a night until 30 June, pack your parents off for a seriously fancy stay at the hotel suite, with breakfast (in bed if you wish) thrown in. Why so expensive? Cos Mom and Dad will go home together with their Four Seasons queen size bed in tow. Got hefty parents? A thousand bucks more will get them a King size bed. ….and have you tried a Four Seasons bed? It’s super plush, so comfy you could drown in it and so high off the ground, it’s a little like The Princess and the Pea! The press release says: “Customized Four Seasons beds provide important back and lumbar support combined with cushioning for the ultimate sleep experience.” Cute, huh? And they also assure you that theirs are among the newest luxury guest rooms in town after a recent refurbishment…so you’re not exactly getting old furniture.

Available at:
Four Seasons Singapore
Tel: 6831 7305
Available for reservation any of the week


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