Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Valentines Day with your kids

OK so the man has lost his sense of sweeping romance or worst still, he is out of town… don’t despair. Valentines Day can still be very special if you make it so and what better day than to teach the kids a thing or two about the language of love.

Not inspired? Well here are some snippety, simply fab suggestions:

Express that Love
With kiddies from 3 to 6 years old, a ‘get-down-and-dirty’ event always gives you hours of great bonding and lets face it, spending time with them is the greatest act of love especially when you can think of a million other things you’d like to do with your day.

The artist in me came alive when I got my 4-year-old Princess her very own 100% recyclable cardboard Princess Castle playhouse from the folks from Brushh. We spent three hours just bringing to life our new home with markers, crayons, poster colour paints, and the conversation flowed from which of her dolls should move in to why bricks were not green and if she could spend the night in it. Yes a mother’s love is truly unconditional! The best part is that after you are done, you not only have a DIY creation that your child can play make-believe in but if you are creative you can still reassemble this beauty by folding it inside out and giving it a fresh makeover, new design and a new paint job, all over again – after all they did say “recyclable”. There are three designs to knock you out – the Rocket Ship, Mighty Jungle and the Princess Castle at $49.90.

Just call the number below and mention that you read about this on SIMPLY FABULICIOUS and you will get an exclusive 20% off the $49.90 retail price (bringing it to $39.90) with free delivery thrown in. Offer applies to all Simply Fab readers till 31 May 09.

Available at:
Brushh Playhouse
Tel: 6738 5840

Labour Of Love
Perhaps it is better to give than to receive and here is a brilliant opportunity. Although this is slightly before Valentine’s Day itself, the lead up to it as a pre-Valentines Day initiative makes it an affair “from the heart”. In my books, that qualifies as a labour of love.

Pull all your family together for this charity project. The folks from Pan-Pacific Hotel, together with Radion International, a non-profit organization involved in disaster and humanitarian relief operations, are organizing what they call a “Container of Hope” this weekend (7-8 February). The objective – to fill a 40-foot container with dry or canned food, used clothes and linen, toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap), medical supplies (first aid kits, gloves, masks, bandages), electronics (solar panels, water filtration systems, torch lights, batteries), bedding and baby clothes/supplies (feeding bottles) to send to the poor and marginalized in Thailand.

Do it at:
Pan-Pacific Hotel, 7 Raffles Boulevard, #03-03
7 to 8 February (10am to 5pm)
Call: Benjamin Goh at Tel: 97975709 or

Home Made With Love

With older children, work on a project for Grandma and Grandpa. Think simple home made movie on a DVD or if you’re more tech-savvy, loaded up on You-Tube. Or why not homemade music CD with all the old-time love songs that gramps used to serenade grandma with? Better I am sure than any Hallmark Card!


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