Thursday, 12 February 2009

Recessionista's Romance

With all the bad news winging around and the world’s fiscal stimulus packages yet to take effect, we thought it’d be quite in keeping with the times to suggest VD day on a budget. (Don’t want to pander to businesses plumbing us for that extra 20% or 30% on the bill just because the date says 14 Feb, do we?) Not that we need to start serving up meals on a shoestring, but it’s a timely reminder that good things can come ….well, maybe not for free, but at a cheaper price. So here are some ideas for a recessionista’s VD activities – complete with Champers…well, almost.

1. Have a dinner picnic in your garden, living room floor, at the beach or at the park. Pack prosecco or other bubbly (eg. Brown Brother’s sickly sweet but fun sounding Zibbibo or some Aussie sparkling) – they’re cheaper than champers and still have the bubbles! -- plastic champagne flutes bought from SKP, bread, cold cuts and cheese, or dim sum and cold noodles, and hang out for the evening. Light candles in safe tealight holders so you don’t set the park on fire. You don’t need a barbecue license from NParks for that at least. Kids -- optional.

2. Worship the sun at dawn. Leave kids in bed, potter over to Changi Beach with the prosecco in hand, as well as the said SKP plastic flutes, wait for sunrise and toast another year together - or congratulate yourselves on finding some time away from the kids. Share prosecco – from one mouth straight into the other in a kiss. Can do the same for gourmet chocolates if you have any. (Straits Times article says we’re still buying fine chocs – just less than usual. If you must limit yourself, six truffles is sad, but ok.)

3. Have a milk bath. Forget about the flower bath, let’s kill two birds with one stone. Do your VD thing and moisturize your skin at the same time, since spa sessions have now been cut, no? Fill the tub, pop in 8 cups of milk powder (any simple one will do; no need to steal from baby’s super expensive, fortified stash), 6 Tbsp of honey, 3 Tbsp of dried rose buds and 3 Tbsp dried lavender; light said tealights in safety holders or Ikea lanterns, relax and soak away. Apparently Cleopatra bathed with this recipe! (Needless to say, it’s also a good ‘Mommy-needs-5-minutes-of-peace’ activity. ) Man – optional.

4. Have dessert. Combine 2-3 Tbsp (or more) brandy with whipping cream and whisk with an electric beater until soft peaks. Sprinkle in chocolate powder if you like…or just have the chocolate powder neat. Serve with two black silk scarves.

5. Curl up with a good book or watch your favourite movie on DVD – with said prosecco and some good cheese. Simple, but let’s face it – it’s really that gooooood! Kids and man – optional.

by ew


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