Thursday, 5 February 2009

King Of Risotto

Marina Mandarin’s holding a super short food promotion at Ristorante Bologna from 3-7 February, but if you fancy Italian, try to catch it by Saturday. 

The visiting chef is Luciano Parolari from the famous Villa d’Este in Lake Como Italy where the ultra -rich and famous cavort in the Mediterranean sun. Since I won’t be basking in its gorgeousness anytime soon, the least I can do is have a taste of the cuisine. The other draw is that Chef Luciano is hailed as the King of Risotto – by the Italian press themselves, so he must be something! 

Need to have are the porcini and cheese risotto (it’s not on the menu – ask for it) and chitarra-style spaghetti with spring onions, ham and smoked ricotta cheese ($22), both of which was absolutely divine! There’s also a four-course set menu at $68++ which isn’t too bad value if you wanna try more. I’d potter back just for the pasta and the risotto though. Real nice. 

Available at: 
Ristorante Bologna
Marina Mandarin Singapore 


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