Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Binge - Perfect for the School Run... Early Morning Dim Sum at Botanic Gardens!

Do you forage for breakfast after dropping off the kids at school at 7am in the morning, only to find that everything opens only at 8am? I do, and it is frustrating! After my daily school run to Bukit Timah, there is little except perhaps Casa Verde at the Botanic Gardens for civilized brekkies – but I honestly detest the birds that flap about so unhygienically and land on the next table to pick up the scraps the moment the diners turn their backs. Plus the fact that I have bird-phobia does not help!

But we are in luck! InsideGreen (odd name....but who cares when there's decent food?)  opens at 730am! Just in time for coffee and breakfast with the other school moms! It’s a relatively new place at Botanic Gardens’ Botany Centre. Set up in an upmarket cafeteria-style, it serves up the main four cuisines and over 100 dishes like chicken rice, roti prata, kaya toast, briyani, curries, satay, and soup noodles.

Most recently added is Ipoh Dim Sum from $3 per dish. Perfect for morning dim sum like what they do in Hong Kong, the dim sum here is a bit more rustic than Cantonese dim sum. On the menu are har mai, which is siew mai stuffed with prawns instead of pork, herbal chicken infused with Chinese tang gui and wolfberry, baked cha shao bau, chive dumplings with waxed sausages, salted egg custard bun, etc. Yums! (Opens 7.30am until 10pm weekdays, 11pm weekends and public holidays)

1 Cluny Road #B1-00 Botany Centre
Singapore Botanic Gardens
Tel: 6471 1689/6471 5307

- By Ee Waun


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