Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Boudoir - We always knew this….Asians Sizzle!

That’s what a survey by Mr and Mrs Smith (www.mrandmrssmith.com), leading boutique hotel and risqué retreat experts, revealed recently. We may not be quite as loud with our own PR as others, but it shouldn’t come as a great surprise that we Asians are a pretty hot bunch. After all, the Indians gave the world the Karma Sutra, the Japanese the ‘Pillow Book’ and the Chinese a classic on ‘how to play the jade flute’ (nudge,nudge, wink, wink), together with other tantric tricks. (Pic above: Santa Catarina, Brazil - Ponta dos Ganchos; gorgeous, huh?)

So what did the survey - which queried Asians and Australasians - show? 

41% Asians said there was enough romance in their lives, while only 34% of Australasians shared that sentiment.

For dates, more Asians than Australasians were open to checking into a sexy hotel - 22% of Asians would choose this over a day at the beach or going to see the latest film (yawn!).

Above: Alila Villas Soori in Bali. Nice!!

Asians take their sexy weekends more seriously than Australasians. According to the survey, 45% of Asians had dashed off for a romantic rendezvous four times or more in the past year, while 63% of Australasians had taken only two or less tantric time-outs in that same period.

But Asians are still more conservative when it comes to one-night-stands. 41% of Asians had never had a one-night-stand while 72% of Australasians admitted to hooking up with a stranger.

The most meaningful and romantic gestures experienced by respondents were surprise vacations.

So you see, the world's been duped all along. So sally forth and sizzle!


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