Thursday, 17 June 2010

Breakaway - Travel Club Med Cherating - Part 2

Day 3

Our outdoor morning yoga session with G.O Mobeen was nice and relaxing, with the soothing sea breeze, gentle waves and calming greenery....breathe in, breathe out…

Despite the serene start, the rest of the day was nothing but! There was the gladiator battle in the pool – Xena, Warrior Princess time!....

Another attempt at perfecting my trapeze swing…

We pottered over to the Turtle Sanctuary too. G.O Vincent from France, Sports and Entertainment Manager, shared how the turtles visit Cherating Beach to lay their eggs. These eggs are kept at the Turtle Sanctuary for several weeks to prevent egg poaching.

Before our scrumptious BBQ dinner at Rembulan Terrace Restaurant at Pantai Beach, we had the chance to release baby turtles into the arms of Gaia with waves and seabreeze for added ambience!

When we got back to the main gathering hub of the resort (ie. the bar), the Club Med team had transformed the entire pool into an elaborate performance space for the “Blue Moon” poolside G.O Show.

The act was complete with G.Os on stilts, a circus show whilst precariously dangling above the pool, and song and dance which got children and adults alike thoroughly uninhibited and joining in the action.

(Left: Pic of spa was taken in the day time)

And what better way to end the night than with a relaxing Balinese Massage at the Club Med Spa by Mandara?

Day 4
Today was another busy day, packed with activities amidst the lush greenery of the eco-resort and a gala night to celebrate Club Med’s 60th anniversary.

Launched this year were the Jungle Walk and Natural Rock Wall Climbing activities, good for eco-focused kids and grown-ups.

(Jungle hut from where we started the walk)

(See what we see?)

Not exactly spa, cocktails and Manolos, but the Jungle Walk was not as tedious as expected, though there were many thorny plants at the side and some thick logs to cross over. So proper attire is recommended.

A G.O was always around guide us along, and point out spectacular views and fascinating sights like hives (yikes!), vines and unique species of plants (and birds if you’re lucky!).

Sometimes, a “monkey” might also surprise you, which is G.O Maravilha atop a tree!

(Natural filtration reservoir)
Eco-warrior for the day, we also went for the Eco-Nature Discovery Walk, with Mr Ary Dam, Regional Landscape Maintenance Manager, who offered interesting insights to the eco-initiatives and hidden natural gems of the resort.

There were also adorable children’s stations along the way, for them to rest, read and fill in the information into their Rainforest Treasures booklet.

Coooee! We love you too Michael!

After all that exertion, it was good to potter back, shower and get set for chin-chins and dins. It was a “star-studded” red carpet night, with an appearance by “Michael Jackson”! Tonight’s “King of Pop” G.O Show was my favourite; there were so many talented G.Os who participated in all the songs and dances.

The gala night ended on a high note, with Ugo, “Michael” and Mr Olivier Horps, Managing Director Asia-Pacific popping the champagne to launch Club Med’s 60th anniversary celebrations. Drank lots of cocktails, partied with the G.Os and participated in Crazy Signs ‘til morning!

Day 5

It was so difficult to say goodbye today! And the hospitable and friendly G.Os and chefs – all sweeties! – made the departure even sadder because they had left such a deep impression. I will definitely recommend the Club Med Cherating Beach experience, simply because whether you are there with kids, with your partner or for a girlfriends-only gathering, the village experience here is as fun-filled and energy-driven as you want, or as relaxing and quiet as you prefer. Take your pick – it’s there for the asking.

Club Med Cherating, Malaysia


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