Saturday, 19 June 2010

Buys - Finally, A Shirt That Really Fits! Tailor Made At Just $109!

Hey! Don’t knock it. Just because the brand is CYC, doesn’t mean it's old fashioned and ‘ching-chong’. Have you seen the shops lately? Rather swanky boutiques not just for the guys but the ladies too.

When the Hubs pottered to the Raffles Hotel outlet last year, I ended up waiting over an hour just for him to choose his cuffs, collar, buttons, what have you – and this is after agonizing over materials and styles, etc. Until then, I didn’t know they customized shirts to such an extent, so it was a very pleasant eye-opener. And yes, I stood corrected! Many moons ago, I used to buy my shirts from Alain Figaret and queue outside their Paris outlet for my turn to be served. Nice - but they weren’t custom fitted. Now if I wanna buy myself some, I would shuffle over to Singapore’s oldest shirt-maker and have my 'svelte' self fitted. And these days as one is older and wiser, I find that cut is everything!

So for GSS, and to mark their 75th anniversary, CYC The Custom Shop is offering custom made shirts at $109 (UP $159). This deal is up until July 25. There’s a choice of 14 fabric designs; of these, the 100 percent, two-ply cotton from Austria, tailored to the style you want. What’s more, there’s over 20 types of collars for ladies and more than 50 for men, including your choice of sleeves, cuffs, buttons and personalized monograms. That's very good value in my books, plus you go home with a very unique shirt fitted just for you.  

(BTW, do you know what CYC stands for? Chan Yick Ching, the man who founded it in 1935. He was a tailor from Ningpo. See? We learn something new everyday!)

CYC The Custom Shop
#02-12 Raffles Hotel Arcade
#01-21 Republic Plaza II, Raffles Place
#B1-06 Palais Renaissance

- By EW


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