Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Body - Firm The Flab! Anti-Ageing Ginseng Scrub Down at Damai!

Even as I write, I am aching from yesterday’s gym session. Admittedly I have not worked out for a while, and the aching muscles are just screaming for some TLC. Which brings to mind a sumptuous spa treatment I experienced not long ago at Damai, the 5th floor spa at the Grand Hyatt Singapore. It's the Korean Ginseng Body Polish treatment which was launched barely a month ago.

What’s unique here is it is an anti-ageing, anti-oxidant scrub and makes use of saponin, found in Korean ginseng. Designed by a Korean medical doctor and Grand Hyatt Seoul’s spa specialist, Sue Yoon, it is also meant to tone the skin. There are other active ingredients in the potion – Jang Neoi Sam which gives the skin elasticity, Young Ji mushroom, an anti-ageing ingredient, Chun Moon Dong for skin tone and Nok Yongm, also for anti-ageing. Aside from the mushroom, I confess I don’t know what they are apart from the fact that they are natural herbs which the Koreans use.

I admit I don’t like the taste of ginseng and I was afraid I would emerge from this treatment smelling like a ginseng root…But rest assured, ladies, the smell is gentle and actually quite pleasing to the olfactories. Maybe it’s 'cos they use six-year-old red ginseng – mellowed like we are with age, but just as potent!

Based on Korea’s bath culture, this is, I am told by Sue Yoon, a far cry from the most utilitarian, basic and horrifyingly efficient scrub-downs in Korea’s popular public bath houses! In these institutions of cleanliness, the staff – all older women dressed in painfully little – score, shred, scrub and exfoliate clients down to the dermis and across every last embarrassing inch, upside down, inside out and sideways with nary a thought for customers' dignity. Cries of “Open wider!” are apparently not uncommon, and you are expected to submit and comply obediently!! Eeeew!

But this is the Grand Hyatt Singapore, and as with all Damai’s treatments, the session here is indulgent, tranquil and relaxing. It all starts with a foot soak with thorough explanations from the therapist, then it’s down to business! First a most relaxing scrub with the herb mixture using long strokes. The mix is quite rough but not uncomfortable, and the smell is pretty soothing. This is followed by a vigorous scrub down with the Korean bath mit – nothing langorous about this, it is proper scrubbing almost everywhere, including your armpits, which was super odd to me...but gentle on one's dignity!

That over, I am rewarded with a soothing massage that sent me to sleep, only to be woken later with a “scalp cleansing and massage”. In other words, a hairwash with more ginseng, plus a nice head massage after that. While it's meant to be relaxing, I felt rather strange having someone wash my hair while lying down - a little like the armpit scrub. But, its a small issue when you look at the greater indulgence of the treatment in its entirety. Then it’s a quick shower down to get rid of the scrub mixture, and back onto the treatment bed for a final basting of lotion. Six steps in 90 minutes, plus a sauna, jacuzzi or steam beforehand.

For an affordable $170++, this got me pretty invigorated at the end of the session, and indeed my skin felt exfoliated, soft, and yes, I guess a little firmer than my usual saggy self. And I smelt nice, too. Definitely a must-do especially before a swanky event! (Together with the Madonna facial as mentioned in an earlier post!) 

Grand Hyatt Singapore
Level 5
10 Scotts Rd
Tel: 64167156

- by Ee Waun


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