Thursday, 17 June 2010

Breakaway - Travel Club Med Cherating - Part 1

SimplyFab was so lucky to be invited by Club Med Cherating to check out its lovely facilities and gorgeous people. Elaine and I couldn’t make it, but we asked our friend, Antoinette Tan, a full-time freelance writer and a huge fan of Simply Fabulicious, to cover it on our behalf. (Thanks, Club Med!! Kissy-Poo!) Despite her slim figure, Antoinette loves desserts and taking photographs with her new Canon PowerShot SX210 IS, which she claims is an awesome machine. So this is her story….

When I was first invited to Club Med Cherating Beach, I was sooooo excited (who doesn’t love a holiday!). And I have to say that it was one of my most memorable vacations. Lovely beach weather, picture perfect ambience, fit and friendly GOs (well, most of them anyway), scrumptious meals and loadsa free cocktails…! Loved it! Hang on, let me grab my travel journal…

Day 1
In just one hour and 45 minutes (a 1hr flight via Firefly from Changi Airport and 45min chartered bus ride), I was transported into a different world at Club Med Cherating Beach. Surrounded by lush greenery, colourful flowers, lots of warm wood around the resort and a spectacular beach, this place is gorgeous!

Upon arrival, we were greeted by a group of welcoming staff called G.O’s (gentle organisers) and Mr. Ugo, the Chef de Village (in other words, the Big Kahuna). Our guide, G.O Mobeen from South Africa showed us to our Deluxe Seaside rooms to while away a relaxing, peaceable day.

Lunch and dinner at Le Mutiara Restaurant with G.O Mobeen and my new friends Esther, Adrian and Joanne were great. On top of the mouth-watering international buffet spread, it was intriguing to dine and chat with G.Os from across the globe, like G.O Chuck from Korea and G.O Maravilha from Brazil. Plus, for a sweet tooth like me, the dessert corner is paradise!

Day 2
Nature on the rooftops - every 5.30pm...just in time for Happy Hour?

Retail therapy! Must rush in!

The day began with a tour of the village. G.O Mei, Front Desk Manager, was our guide for the day, showing us the various facilities which took care of everyone from two to 92! On top of the free practice sport areas (gym and courts for basketball, squash and tennis among many others), there was also an archery corner, a circus area (trapeze, bungee bounce and tight rope) and activities for children of all ages, engagingly supervised at all times – which means Mummy can do her own thing without angst-ing.

The Petit Club Med (from 2 to under 4 years old) and Mini Club Med (from 4 to under 11) areas set in bright colours were so adorable!

Teenagers get to use the Club Med Passworld (11 to 18) too, decked out to be suitably hip and edgy in line with their angst-ridden inner selves, and complete with games galore and even a band setup to show off and have teeny-bopper fun!

What to do next? Pick up the pace, of course. My afternoon was adrenaline-filled. First it was Crazy Signs (dancing with the G.Os)...

 then an hour of archery plus mini tournament supervised by G.O Uracca.

Our scores....and ooh, look! Medals!

This was followed by a shot at the intimidating-but-must-try trapeze with G.Os Benson and Claire. It was so fun!
Chin chins after trapezeing!

Ending the day perfectly was a Malay-themed dinner – lots of food and drinkies –

 and an entertainment with the “La Revue Around The World” Show, performed by the multi-talented G.Os.

(More in the next post....)


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