Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Binge - Its a Dizzy Dizzy World Up There! Singapore's Got The Highest (Alfresco) Bar Ever!

We gave you a sneak peek a while ago, and this time, Simply Fab has beamed up to 1-Altitude, the highest al fresco bar in the world. We were there at its opening preview last week, and what can we say? Wear your favourite orthopaedic shoes, keep steady and hold on tight! It’s a dizzy, head-spinning, spectacular view from the top! Such a 'Titanic', Leonardo di Caprio moment! Perch up there and hold on to me, Darling!
1-Altitude is so chi-chi! It's a complex of three F&B outlets stacked on the top three levels of One Raffles Place – formerly the OUB Building. Level 61 is 282 and City Golf, a sports themed bar with a golf simulator that lets people tee off ‘Wii’ style in virtually 65 of the world’s golf courses. But with such a stunning view outside the huge plate windows, why anyone would want to stare at a virtual landscape and pretend to play golf is beyond me! Give me the booth seats by the windows and I’ll be happier. Champers, please!

282 and City Golf

Swanky Stellar - Window seats, please!

Up on Level 62 is Stellar, a swanky, maybe somewhat whitewashed and pretentious restaurant – well, that’s the vibes I get anyway – that serves “modern cuisine focusing on artisanal methods of preparation”. It’s a ‘multiconcept kitchen’ with a repertoire that includes “an expansive menu selection” of charcuterie and Jamon, contemporary sushi, an oyster bar, wood-fired grill and rotisserie, and desserts from 1-Caramel. So what exactly is it? Err… I’m not sure - everything and anything?.... But who cares? The view is Everything!  

Sunken bar at 1-Altitude

Finally, the piece de resistance - 1-Altitude Gallery and Bar on level 63 – the highest bar in the world. Thank goodness for the tall glass walls surrounding the entire perimeter! Hang on tight, sweeties! No need for platform shoes - you're high enough. (There were some security type people hovering around, telling us not to poke our cameras over the edge of the panelling....but one was trembling with temptation to do so.)

The people describe it as 'Morocco meets Manhatten'.....ummm, everything and anything again....but nevermind the confusing labels. Focus instead on the unique bits and pieces, like the sunken bar, two ‘mixologist capsules’ where you can try mixing your own cocktails, the pizza bar, Japanese cuisine (they cast the net waay wide) and all manner of alky from sake to whiskey to pastry-inspired cocktails.

Oh, and did we mention the view? Take a look….Auntie brought her idiot-proof camera up, clutched her PVC handbag tightly under her arms and clicked away....!

 Oops! Don't drop the sambal! It's a looooong way down.....

Can you spot the NDP Parade grounds?....
There it is! Next to the two boobies!
I believe I can flyyyyyy!....
Oh look! Yellow - my favourite colour!
- Ee Waun
(First four pictures courtesy of 1-Altitude; last four pictures are just SimplyFab!)


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