Saturday, 17 July 2010

Breakaway - Beach Bunny Travels Green at Club Med - Part 1

Here's more on our fave destination Club Med! This time, beach bunny Antoinette Tan who visited Club Med Cherating on Simply Fab's  behalf tells all about the green, eco-friendly things the resort does to protect Mother Earth! Reading this, it really surprised us the extent they have gone to do their bit. Now, we totally appreciate what responsible organisations like Club Med does....(which is waaay more than what we can say for slick corporations that talk a lot, profiteer even more and do absolutely zilch!) So read on and realise that travelling (to Club Med) can be so good for Gaia!

The next time you travel, go green and head to an enjoyable and earth-loving destination like Club Med Cherating.

The recent invitation to Club Med Cherating for a 5-day stay (thank you Club Med!) opened my eyes to both the obvious and behind-the-scenes work that go on to create the first Eco-Nature Club Med Resort. And I definitely had a great time discovering so. After all, who could one resist exciting and responsible eco-nature activities and Green explorations while being surrounded by 80 hectares of natural tropical forest, four kilometres of pristine white beaches, hammocks and spas?

Whether it was getting up-close to nature along the Jungle Walk, scaling the Natural Rock Wall or strolling on the Eco-Nature Discovery Walk, I got the chance to observe and soak up Mother Earth through indigenous flora and fauna like adorable monkeys, spongy mushrooms,

scary thorny plants, plus the majestic and endangered Hornbill Bird! I even jumped and squealed when I spotted a monitor lizard (everyone who knows me knows I’m terrified of lizards, big and small!).

The kiddies have a great time too at the nature-oriented Petit Club Med and Mini Club Med activities. Each child would get a “Rainforest Treasures” story booklet with an exciting discovery circuit to complete. Just like a treasure hunt, if they collected the different stamps and passed “tests” at each station, they could get an official Club Med Cherating Beach Kid and Friend of the Environment certificate!

If you have more time to spare, opt for excursions to the nearby Lake Chini and the Elephant Sanctuary. Else, you can do what I did and plop yourself down at the multimedia Eco Discovery Corner near the pool.

Here, adults and children alike can find a wealth of information about eco issues. Look out for the Rainforest Discovery booklet (printed on recycled paper, of course), which list all the plants and animals found on the resort, plus an accompanying map, so you can find them too! And the kids will love the turtle cartoon screening… even I did!

I was also thrilled to learn that endangered Green Turtles swim to Cherating Beach to lay their eggs… and that we might get a chance to watch the egg-laying in the middle of the night! Fingers crossed!

To do their part to protect and preserve this species (so we can enjoy such sightings), Club Med Cherating has collaborated with the nearby local Turtle Sanctuary to create awareness and prevent egg poaching. Plus, the resort boutique sells adorable merchandise with turtle designs (cute must-buy totes!), where 10% of the proceeds go to the turtle conservation programme.

Adding to the list of eco-activities, I noticed a number of easy ways that guests can recycle stuff during their stay. Only upon arrival are new water bottles sent to the room, where you can also find a recycling bin for plastic.

I also spotted a unique cylindrical shoe rack near my room at the Trapeze area, which a G.O told me was created using recycled plastics and other materials. There was also a recycling bin for batteries at the reception, which G.O Mei, Front Desk Manager, said came in handy for guests who wanted to get rid of the disposable batteries in their cameras.

Plus, did you know that even a soothing massage at the Mandara Spa is environmentally responsible? They use eco-friendly ingredients amidst a natural environment, in which you can relax and enjoy!


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