Saturday, 17 July 2010

Breakaway - Beach Bunny Travels Green at Club Med -Part 2

Speaking of natural, the whole resort (yes, all 80 hectares of it) is a preserved, natural site. And before I go on about the backend eco-initiatives, I have to say that I was quite impressed by the architecture here. Not only is it stunning, but also its eco-consciousness, even when this traditional kampong-styled lodging was built back in 1977!

Constructed with local materials, the architecture not just reduces its transportation and carbon footprint, but also blends in beautifully with its surroundings. Additionally, the amazing 850-metre structure is one of Asia’s longest wooden structures, and built on stilts to prevent flooding.

There many other behind-the-scenes eco-initiatives in place too, as I learnt from my walk with Mr Ary Dam, Regional Landscape Maintenance Manager. Mr Ary explained how Club Med Cherating won the Silver Green Globe Benchmark award, by meeting and exceeding the stringent guidelines of a sustainable policy and more.

For example, the resort places a strong emphasis on saving water and energy. Mr Ary took us to the Natural Waste Water Treatment (Lagoon System), which is a natural way to purify water via pre-treatment debris trap areas, as well as slow and gravitationally driven ponds.

The lagoon is a great spot for landscape and lotus photographs, by the way! (See the pictures!) This natural system also protects the flora and fauna as it easily integrates into the surroundings, and is an excellent way to eliminate micro-biotic pollution.

To save energy at the resort, Club Med Cherating recovers the energy from the air-conditioning system to heat your water! Instead of using a boiler or electric energy, water is warmed by a heat exchanger, which provides huge energy savings and avoids the release of carbon gas. How clever! And since Cherating Beach is so sunny, the resort uses solar energy for Rembulan Terrace Restaurant, too. That’s responsible eating….!

The Kitchen is in on the Green journey too, with a special waste management system and composting programme. Mr Ary said that the staff has to undergo training to ensure they understand and implement these eco-initiatives at all times, like biodegradable food waste separation. And while Club Med serves up great food for the hungry hoardes, don’t expect any sharks’ fins or endangered animal parts to be served here – that’s a strict no-no!

G.O Mobeen also shared a small clothes tag with me during one of our meals together; even the Club Med G.O outfits were made of 100% organic fair trade cotton. Hmmm… it seems that Club Med has really got it together to ensure an amazing experience while being ecologically responsible in every possible way… and all at its natural best! (Scroll down and see more random pictures of gorgeousness...)

Bottoms Up!


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