Thursday, 1 July 2010

Binge - Molecular Meets The Masses at Carousel

Here’s something really quite commendable. Royal Plaza on Scotts has brought ‘avant garde’ cuisine – all that Ferran Adria molecular magic that turns drinks into drumsticks, and drumsticks into caviar – to a more level playing field. They’ve introduced avant garde dishes into their usual buffet spread at Carousel, complete with lab-like action station (pictured above), so people can see it being made and eat it, too.
This sort of cooking has always been confined to the hushed, uppity-uppity restaurants that allow people in only if they can pronounce ‘foie gras’, so it’s a real hoot that Royal Plaza on Scotts is serving up molecular morsels and bringing it to more people across the board, Aunties and Uncles, kids and Grandma, included.

I had a tasting of it when they launched the first day it flooded on Orchard Road (remember Orchard River? I waded down there through the rain just to check it out!). While the lab coats on the chefs were a bit campy, overall what they were doing for the diners was quite funky, and very admirable.
(Left: Mango ravioli)
I remember the ‘reverse buffalo mozzarella with olive ravioli (minus the ravioli)’ which was a cute bulbous morsel that popped in your mouth into a flavourful soup; the miso spaghetti and a rather pretentious 60-second ‘smoked’ lobster (pictured right) that looked like normal poached lobster blasted with some apple chip wood smoke generated from a handheld 'fogging' machine. This was served with a spray of lavender scent - you're just supposed to smell it, not taste it, I was informed - which threatened to send me to sleep. Then there was the ginger-lemongrass ice cream made with liquid nitrogen that created a real show by encasing everyone in a cloud of mist. It tasted very nice though, with an unusual pairing of gazpacho crumble which had a texture of dry marshmallow.

For avant garde cuisine, this is pretty basic – don’t expect gob-smacking behind it. But just remember, they don’t have the luxury of doing it in small portions like the fine dining restaurants; they are churning it out for a larger crowd, which deserves a pat on the back too. (Left: Tomato Jelly Consomme)
But those who have not seen it before would enjoy the novelty of it – plus the fact that it hsa been made affordable. I’d say, bring the kids, Ma and Pa just for the fun of it. The avant garde counter will be available at the buffet only until end September.
Available only on weekday and weekend dinners only from $58-$70 per adult and $37 - $42 per child.
- Ee Waun (Credit: Pics from Royal Plaza on Scotts)


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