Sunday, 11 July 2010

By The Way - Art Attack!

I can’t draw for nuts, but I can appreciate art. I started buying artwork about ten years ago when I moved into my current home and over the years, I noticed that the galleries here are getting plenty of very enjoyable work. I say ‘enjoyable’ because I am no connoisseur – I just know what I like. And I think, like wine, that’s the most important thing – that you like what’s hanging on your wall and it gives you pleasure. Lately there have been some lovely things that have come into the galleries around town…..

I really like Filipino artist Michael Cacnio’s sculptures. I saw them at Utterly Art some years ago and was seriously itching to buy one, but every piece was sold out! His style is so charming, full of life, joy and exhilarating childhood. His latest solo exhibition, Up! has just arrived at Utterly Art and features his signature brass sculptures mixed with pyrex balloons. See the pretty pictures! So tempting! The exhibition runs from now til 18th July. Enough said!

Utterly Art
229A South Bridge Road (2nd Level)
Tel: 6226 2605 or 94872006

Our Simply Fab girl, Tan Wyn-Lyn is also exhibiting her latest series called Weight of Water. It’s her 2nd solo exhibition, which means she is going places! I popped over on her opening night at FOST Gallery off Mohammad Sultan Road and found large, dramatic pieces that reminded me of Chinese landscapes. According to her, these works reflect her “Chinese sensibilities towards contemporary Western abstraction” and that her paintings “hover between nature and abstraction”. Her inspiration is watery and comes from “the ebb and flow of tides, calm pools, stormy seas”. I really like this one here (above). It's called 'When White Turns To Gold'. It comes in three pieces and very drama. I can't afford it though.... Pop in when you’re in the area and take a look. The exhibition is on until end July.

FOST Gallery
65 Kim Yam Road
Tel: 6836 2661

Finally, at The Arts House, Chinese Canadian artist Zhou Su Yin is presenting her solo exhibition, Sound of Ink, from 14 to 24 July. Mainly water colour and calligraphy works, this is the first time she is presenting in Singapore, after a successful show at the United Nations Headquarters, New York in August 2009. Known for her style that ‘embraces the spirit of Eastern philosophy and Western culture” – very Singaporean actually – she is the youngest artist to hold a solo exhibition at the UN Headquarters. Sound Of Ink features 40 art pieces, out of which, nine new works will be unveiled. She says of her art: “I think my works have depths and details like in symphonies, sometimes it can look loud, careful, or quick. The rhythm of the brush, the flow of the water, could be seen and likened to sound.” So if a may paraphrase a memorable quote from last year, “Sit down, shut up, open your eyes and listen!” And in the meantime respect your elders!

1 Parliament Lane
Tel: 6332 6900
- Ee Waun


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