Friday, 9 July 2010

Binge - Nice Nibbles With A View

Newly opened at One Fullerton, San-sui Sumiyaki and Tsuki Bar is a very stylish set up with cool restaurant and bar vibes indoors and out. You get a nice view of the bay on the broad terrance (see the nice picture?) with our wonderful, stand-up-for-Singapore IR dominating the spectacle as you sippy-sip your sake.....

Inside, we're not quite sure where the restaurant ends and the bar starts or vice versa - clever partitions all around give you blocks of smaller, semi-private spaces. The thing here is to graze on ‘Japanese dim sum’, or sumiyaki comprising a whole array of grilled Japanese dishes in small portions, best washed down with heady libations.


Let’s see….I absolutely loved the deep fried long yam ($9), which looked like thick potato wedges and sooo good – grown up fries! – the minced chicken ball with lovely cartilage so its bite-bite-chewy and served with raw egg ($6), the shishito roll ($4) of Japanese chilli wrapped with kurobuta pork belly slices. (below) 

Love the pork belly

All are grilled over the sumiyaki, traditional grill fired by premium binochan at very high temperatures. That’s what makes the food here taste deep and juicy and luscious…..’cos it cooks fast and hot. And great news for us: no food smells in our hair, ‘cos the charcoal burns without smoke. Another forte of theirs: salted, air dried seafood all sorts, from from grilled squid ($12) to Barracuda ($20) and Alfonsino ($52). In case you’re not full, top up a little more with mini chirashi sushi ($10) – very cute presentation – chicken porridge or chicken rice ($10) which all come in small portions.

For drinks, I highly recommend the yuzu umeshu ($12.50 a glass) – served with crushed ice and very refreshing. They also have over 50 sake labels, 15 shochus and 10 umeshu’s, as well as cocktails. The best time to come is after work and watch the evening fall when the view is best across the bay. Quick alcohol tip: sit indoors at the main dining area for a free glass of sake at 8pm!

One Fullerton #01-05
Tel: 6423 1555
- Ee Waun


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