Monday, 19 July 2010

Breakaway – Apple Tree Cottage - The Best Holiday Cottage in South Australia

I had always meant to write about this little cottage we discovered on a trip last year to South Australia’s Adelaide Hills.

When I was trawling for accommodation for a personal holiday to South Australia, I realized that it was real tough to get really nice, luxe holiday digs out in the countryside. Until I came across Apple Tree Cottage.

Run by Adelaide Hills Country Cottages, it is one of five lovely holiday cottages scattered in a huge working cattle farm, so well spaced out you don’t see each other at all. In all our three days there, we saw no one. In other words, total privacy!

Of all the holiday homes we had stayed in, this is one of the most unique and charming, in a genteel, old English sort of way. If you like Pride and Prejudice, you could imagine this is a tiny version of Longbourne, perhaps! Definitely a place where you can run off to with your own Mr Darcy, and also with your chickadees. Kids would definitely love this place.

So what do you get at Apple Tree Cottage? A picture perfect setting for starters. The cottage is very charming, with antiques, country furniture and low slung windows...

Outside is a sprawling garden with lots of flowers and nature....

And best of all, a low spreading walnut tree with a hammock slung from its branches where we took turns to while away the afternoons with a book and a nap....

You also get a gorgeous, substantially sized, private lake at your doorstep....

On which you can fish for red snapper in your personal bathtub of a boat.....

Left: View from the bedroom window. Right: kitchen window from the garden.

In fact, every room in the house looks out towards the lake, so you get a real treat of a view from the moment you wake up to the time the sun sets.

A five minute walk away but still on the bigger property is an apple orchard (pix above)...

And a short drive away is a lemon orchard (pix above) where you can pick fruits. We made lemonade out of these juicy, thick skinned lemons.

Side gate of the garden en route to the lake. See the lavender bush?

The property is absolutely tranquil. Outside the fence of your garden is miles of private property, and it takes another 5 minutes' drive to get you to the public road beyond.
The lay of the land - the lake and the roof of the cottage on the left side.
The shed contains ancient farm equipment on display. 

It's a half hour drive from the pretty town of Hahndorf, the wineries and the other little towns, so this makes a good base for exploration if you have a car.

 View of the cottage from the lake's edge.

And in case you're wondering, no, this is not info from the South Australian Tourism Commission but our very own discovery. Check it out at
- Ee Waun (pictures too)


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