Friday, 9 July 2010

Bytes - Meet Navibot, The New House Pet

If you’re itching for a pet, but realise you don’t have the time to brush its hair, pick up its poo and tickle its tummy every day, may I suggest Samsung’s Navibot ($799)? No hair, no poo, no fuss – the Navibot is not just nifty around the house, it cleans too.

This robot vacuum cleaner, a new gadget from Samsung, is a smart sucker. It is armed with a ‘Visionary Mapping System’ which takes 30 photos per second, making a virtual map of its surrounds so it can plot the best and fastest path for cleaning. It’s got 38 motion sensors keep it from tumbling downstairs and colliding into your precious antique furniture and the ‘Virtual Guard’ keeps it obediently out of where you don’t want it to go. What’s more, the ‘bot’ can return to its original position during its second round of cleanup after the initial charge. You can time/delay the start of the cleaning program whenever you want so you don’t even have to be home. In short, Navibot takes itself for walkies…..and it cleans up after you – not vice versa!

Power Brushes and a sweeping blade helps your new pet clean hard to reach spots quickly, and compared to conventional vacuum cleaners, is 95 per cent more effective at picking up pet hair and fluff. Plus, its new technology prevents pet hair from wrapping around the brushes – so it’s easier to maintain. It comes five cleaning programs such as Auto-, Spot-, Max-, Edge Clean-, or Manual Mode…the only thing it doesn’t do is cook and bathe the kids!
- Ee Waun


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